Die Me a River by Denise SwansonSkye and Wally are back and struggling with being new parents to twins while living out of an RV because of the recent tornado.  Their living situation is cramped and being a mom to twin babies is exhausting for Skye. Things are finally starting to settle down a bit when they meet with their priest about the babies' christening when there's a loud explosion at the nearby bowling alley. Though it was closed at the time, you guessed it: there's a body inside!  This is exactly what Skye needs while on maternity leave and living out of a glorified box.

There are SO many cozy mysteries out there, but it's rare that I find a series that I really like and want to stick with for 20 books, but this is definitely one of the few. I enjoy this crazy little town and its funny cast of characters. This title is no exception and I look forward to more.

Die Me a River by Denise Swanson ($7.99*, Sourcebooks Landmark), recommended by Bookmiser, Inc., Roswell, GA.