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On Her Ladyship's Bookshelf

The books on her ladyship's bookshelf. (Earlier bookshelf picks.)

Mercies in Disguise Eveningland American War The Traitor's Kiss The Good Byline The Hideaway Sad Perfect The Travelers Some Small Magic Pure Heart The Fire This Time One Good Mama Bone Murder on the Champs-ElyseesThe Ethan I Was BeforeOn Second ThoughtTears We Cannot Stop Signals My Life My Love My Legacy Like One of the Family Piper Periwinkle The Guests on South Battery The Angels' Share Love, Alice The Virgin and Other Stories The Cigar Factory Serafina and the Black CloakSerafina and the Twisted StaffGo South to FreedomThe Education of Dixie DupreePrissy and Pop Deck the HallsHungry is a Mighty Fine SauceGertie's Leap to GreatnessThe Adventure EndsWonder WomenUndoing of Saint SilvanusKids of AppetitePoets DogThe Home PlaceRonni's VictualsFate BallThe South in ColorWholeFate BallLies and Other Acts of LoveThe Story of Sassy SweetwaterDrifting Too Far from ShoreDispatches from PlutoSoul Food LoveAbsalom's DaughtersThe Promise of Jesse WoodsFirst Comes LoveThe PinchDaughters of the BrideSerafina and the Twisted StaffProject Smoke The Barbecue BibleBarbecues Bible SaucesHow to GrillEchoes of MercyPaymie NightingaleA Saint in GracelandSoilA Pattern of LiesDon't Go HomeMy Chinese-AmericaThe Scent of Something SneakyWhere's the PartyThe Other WidowThe Birds of Opulence